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The "Silent Scream Campaign" starts October 6, 2008. This campaign is to further seek the elimination of VLTs where the government has been showing a deaf ear to our facts of the many lives ruined due to these machines.

Our Mission

To educate the general public of the substantial social and economic costs to problem gamblers and society in general caused by VLTs (Video Lottery Terminals) and to work towards the elimination of VLTs currently operating in the province of Nova Scotia


VLT Free Campaign - Launched Feb. 21, 2007

Government’s New VLT Plan Lacks Support


Citizens in every corner of the province of Nova Scotia are saying, "Enough is enough!" VLTs are ruining lives.

We want our government out of the VLT business!

We want these highly addictive machines shut down - COMPLETELY!

We are looking for your support. Please sign our online petition, educate yourself further on this important issue.